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Windows Vs. Linux

The majority of web sites hosted on the internet are hosted on Linux servers yet Windows hosting serves the needs of a rapidly growing group of powerful and complex web hosting sites and applications.

There is a common misconception that web masters using a Windows PC must use a Windows based hosting plan. This could not be further from the truth!

For most web sites a solid Linux plan such as the Linux VH-1000 plan is all the web hosting you will ever need, but if you are planning to use somethin g like ASP (Active Server Pages), .NET applications or Cold Fusion, you're going to need a solid Windows hosting plan like our Windows VH-1000 plan.

W eb Technologies

When It Matters - ASP (Active Server Pages), .NET or PHP Many web sites are developed using more advanced scripting languages than basic html, most commonly either ASP or PHP. While it is possible to run either language on either platform, typically PHP is associated with Linux while ASP is associated with Windows. After all Microsoft is the company that developed ASP. There is also a more advanced programming language from Microsoft called .NET which pretty much also calls for a Windows platform.


Another common reason one may choose a Windows hosting environment over a Linux environment is their use of a particular database with their web site. A very common Linux database is MySQL. Most Windows hosting users will typically use either Microsoft Access or MS SQL Server as their database.

If You Had To Ask

In most cases, if you had to ask Windows or Linux then chances are a Linux plan is going to be the best choice for your website. In most cases Linux plans cost slightly less than Windows hosting plans and come pre-packed with a few more features - although the difference between the two is growing less every day.

1. Fast local 24/7 support
2. High performance
3. Reliability
4. Business class servers
5. Sensibly priced
6. Flexible payments
7. No overselling

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